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 Team Battles

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PostSubject: Team Battles   Sat Feb 20, 2010 4:42 am

Here is a new game that Dream League has as well but we are gonna be a little different then them

#1 - For each post you Hurt one character on the opposing team and Heal one of your own. Copy & paste the post above yours and put HURT beside the one you're hurting and HEAL beside the one you're healing, then change their HP accordingly (attacks and damage vary depending on the character) Teams will be drafted at random.

#2 You can post MAX five times per day (based on your own timezone). For this reason it's helpful to others if you number your posts. ALSO: You can only heal your own character once a day!

#3 No double/triple posting or doing more than one Hurt/Heal per post.

#4 The game is over when there is only one Team left standing. The person who claimed that character will pick the next group of characters for us to use! It can be from any game, anime, movie, etc...

This ones theme is Kingdom Hearts
I need character Ideas but here are some.

Sora ATK=4 DEF=2
Roxas ATK=4 DEF=2
Donald ATK=3 DEF=1
Goofy ATK=2 DEF=3
Axel ATK =3 DEF=3
Leon ATK =3 DEF = 3

also i can modify these if need as far as their attack and defense

pokémon crew
dream league

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Team Battles
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