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 THE BLEACH HEAT THE SOUL 3 GUIDES(unlockables/guide to missions,urahara shouten item list)

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PostSubject: THE BLEACH HEAT THE SOUL 3 GUIDES(unlockables/guide to missions,urahara shouten item list)   Fri Jan 01, 2010 12:57 am

please not this is same guide version i made from DREAM LEAGUE

i will tell you the unlockables of the characters first!
later i'll post the other content! ^^ it's not from gamefaqs or other site like gamefaq but,it's from my experience!

Byakuya Bankai:clear mission #17(BLACK AND WHITE)
Battle: Ichigo Bankai vs. Byakuya kuchiki-bankai
Description: Beat the opponent who is in the "kakugo" state(darkred lifebars)
Clear: Beat Byakuya
Special Condition: Clear all the missions before this,and beat this
mission to unlock mission #18 to #19
Notes: You both start in "kakugo" state - where you can't really block, but
deal more damage[tips do it without this special condition(outside this battle)press square and hold for a while,and press triangle with square i mean when your lifebar flashes]

Hisagi Shuuhei:Clear Time Attack with Komamura Sajin

Hitsugaya Bankai:Clear Story Mission #19
Battle: Hitsugaya Bankai vs. Aizen Sousuke
Description: If you don't use the "Reiatsu Ougi"(press square and x or square and o), you can't damage the enemy
Clear: Beat Aizen
Note: You can only damage with your special attack (square, cross), and you
don't actually have to kill him to beat the mission just make his lifebar flash

Ise Nanao:Clear Time Attack with Kyouraku Shunsui
Ishida Quincy Final Stage:Clear Story Mission #6
battle:uryuu ishida quincy final form v.s. mayuri kurosutchi(help from nemu if i did not mistake)
condition:your life drained(not drained and absorbed by enemy)by the poison,if your lifebar empty,you'll will be not killed by the poison,by the enemy's atk.

Komamura Sajin:Clear Time Attack with Yamamoto Genryuusai Shigekuni

Kurotsuchi Nemu:Clear Time Attack with Kurotsuchi Mayuri

Kusajishi Yachiru:Clear Time Attack with Zaraki Kenpachi

Kyouraku Shunsui:Clear Time Attack with Ukitake Jyuushirou

Renji Bankai:Clear Story Mission #12
battle:renji bankai v.s. byakuya kuchiki
condition:your enemy's reiatsu will be raised,so it's not too effective to use "reiatsu ougi"(sp. attack by pressing square and x or square and circle)

Rukia Shinigami:Clear Time Attack with Kuchiki Rukia

Ulquiorra[espada member(espada is organization created by aizen after he escape from soul society,the members are quarter of hollow's body)]:Beat Karakura Heroes Mach(beat all mission on story missions from 1-20)

next.......a little clue for the guide
about the mission!
guys,if you play mission #4....
you'll be warped into mission 7,if you want to continue to mission #6 and get ishida final form..
you must use your kakugo(press square and triangle if your lifebar is flashing red) state quickly,or follow what i do when i play there(not mus/not recommended)
~make renji's life is decreased quickly,and your lifebar around >70%(above 70%)
~when your lifebar 1 is empty,on lifebar 2 when your life is above 70%,just defend to make your life decreased into 50% with enemy's strong power(pressing o not x)

and when you playing mission #7 you'll warped into mission #10 if you did not fulfill the condition
~kill kenpachi with zangetsu's power(press x if the meter is full,you'll get sword only attackup)

and for mission #17 many people commented they can't continue to mission #18-#19 to get bankai hitsugaya......
fulfill this condition:
~complete all mission from mission 1-17

on mission #20
you must:
~kill aizen with power of renji(attack up)you'll get attack up advantage on attack(tips:use hollow bankai ichigo mask on the powerup,by pressing square and o,that technique requires counter,the advantage are,ichigo is more powerful or attack X4 on the powerup,each you press o or strong attack,tensa zangetsu will launch black getsuga tenshou like when ichigo bankai press -> and o,if you miss sword slash combo on that condition by pressing square and x,the sword will launch rapid of black getsuga tenshou,so use the short time for that!)

~urahara shouten item lists
~full mission guide
~partners/how to unlock
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THE BLEACH HEAT THE SOUL 3 GUIDES(unlockables/guide to missions,urahara shouten item list)
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